Powers #21 – Weekly Comic Pick

Powers #21

A little late coming out (future issues should be better) and definitely not for kids. This was by far my favorite title released this week. I do not want to give too much away, except to say that we learn more about the death of Queen Noire’s husband and a conspiracy heading in an unexpected direction. If you are not picking up this title, you should be. At least, hit my store and pick up the trades. They are worth every penny.

Teen Titans #41

If not for Powers, this would have been the Pick of the Week. Truly outstanding issue with an expanded Titans roster at the end. It leaves us with the opening into the Titans East storyline coming in two months. Jericho is back. And he is not evil! This issue we see through Joey’s eyes (no pun intended). He mentally compares this group of titans to his bringing in the nostalgia heavily. Bombshell is captured as the traitor. We meet Wonder Woman in her Diana Prince identity. Robin continues his quest to resurrect Conner.

52 Week 30

We get to see where Batman, Nightwing and Robin got to during their year-long cruise. Nightwing gets fed up and heads back to Gotham as Bruce Wayne gives up Batman. We see Renee and the Question. They are really setting Renee up as the next Question. He is pretty much ready for Hospice care. The cancer has hit him hard since they arrived. He is layed up in bed with a large dose of morphine to help with the pain. Renee and Kate verbally spare some more. Kate heads out for a night on the town in her Batwoman outfit – busting heads looking for the head of Gotham’s Intergang. She comes across Nightwing and we are left with them sort of working together in the search. We get a 2 page origin of the Metal Men this week, also.

Ultimate Power #2

Big fight issue. Squadron Supreme, while not speaking a word of englosh, is fighting the Fantastic Four. Spider-Man and Kitty Pride show up and join in the fun. Reed calls in the Ultimates. Kitty calls in the X-Men. It basically turns into a free-for-all. I was expecting Daredevil, Moon Knight, and Iron Fist to show up. (Bendis is writing the first three issues after all). As the battle rages on, the Squadron slowly regain their ability to speak and better control of their powers. The issue ends as they proclaim that Reed is under arrest for the destruction of the planet. One of the squadron pulls out of Reed’s probes that he launched in issue 1.

Batman #659

Yep, this title is on the chopping block. I was not exactly thrilled with Grant’s first arc on the title. Now we get fill-in issues that are so predictable… Then we’ll get Grant back. I will give the title through Grant’s next story arc…then I may drop it and save some cash.