Necessary Evil #2 – Weekly Comic Pick

Necessary Evil #2 (Desperao Publishing)

The premise: There exists a special hidden school of supervillainy. Jacob and Miller, twin sons of the Matriarch, have just joined the school. Miller is totally intoit, but Jacob is not sure he wants to be a supervillain.

This is an amazing title and in two issues has climbed into my top 10 ongoing series.

Issue 2 opens with the first day of school with classes like History of Supervillainy, Avoiding Forensic Experts and Mystic Weapons. In the last class of the day, Anti gives them an assignment entitled The Death of Innocence. Jacob, Miller and a few others work together to solve the riddle. Jacob discovers the way through a mystic portal to a forest glen. On a pedestal, sits a baby and a knife. As a girl picks up the knife, we cut to a base in the sky and a gathering of heroes. Dr. Daylight has confirmed the existence of the school and put his sidekick, Sunrise, undercover. (more…)