Pets of the Week December 5, 2011

When it comes to family manners, Bruno is the bomb! He’s so polite even his freckles are understated — but his full-body wag proclaims his loving persona loudly. Year-and-half-young Bruno was a stray in Greenwood; so how did he learn to come when you call him, return cooperatively to his kennel for a treat, and never, never jump on you? Maybe he was born to be one of your brood — he loves to play in the yard with kids big and small, is easy to groom and terrific on a leash; he’s just about there with his housetraining, too. Bruno likes to stand sentry, and will break his golden silence to let you know someone’s coming. If you’re looking to find a loyal gentle-boy who’s brimming with four-legged fun, come meet our boy Bruno today.

He’s as mellow as a well-muscled man with nothing to prove, and so courtly you’ll be tempted to call him “Thomas” instead of just Tom, or maybe even “Sir Thomas” at that. Tom was found stray in Ninety Six, a clean, handsome and pleasantly social two-year-old passing the time of day with anyone willing to stop for a chat, pet and purr, sometimes throwing in fancy words like “forsooth” purely for entertainment value. He gets along just fine with other male cats, including the one in the adjoining cage — no sense in being impolite to other guys, that’s for those who’re insecure. Nor does he feel the need to prove his masculinity with sloppy litter-box manners; Tom likes things tidy — ship shape. And if litter boxes aren’t your thing he’d be happy to be your outside cat, as long as you make yourself available for a fine, affectionate visit more often than not.

The Greenwood Humane Society is a not-for-profit organization committed to the compassionate care and protection of animals.

Their purpose is to give sanctuary to abandoned, abused, and neglected animals, provide education to the public on responsible and humane pet ownership, encourage the public to spay and neuter their pets by providing low cost surgery, and encourage adoptions of those animals placed in their care.

Their adoption center is open Monday through Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm est.

864-942-8775 (Shelter Adoption Area)
864-223-2498 (Spay/Neuter Clinic)