Pets of the Week March 26, 2012

He’s graceful, athletic, affectionate and intelligent — and he’s keen on bird-watching, too — but when you’re an elegant young Pointer mix like Toby, all that’s in your blood. Handsome 2 ½ year old Toby was found wandering with his sister, whose Pointer look’s just as picture-perfect as his, and he has manners to match his fine heritage. He loves a rollicking play session but he’s too polite to jump on you or your kids, and his congenial personality beams just as warmly from his blue eye as his brown. Toby’s housetraining’s in progress, he gets along fine with other dogs, and his ultra-short tan and white coat’s as easy-care as it comes. Come let Toby show you what good breeding’s all about —he’ll hunt down your heart with his smile and become your family’s forever-loyal champion.

Splish-splash — is he taking a bath? — or is our beautiful young fur-cloud Grady playing in his water again? Either way, when he turns his head upside down and gives your hand a fervent rub, this one-year-old’s the most flirtatious cat you’ll meet, and except for the soft gray cap on his head, the whitest and fluffiest too. Grady was turned in by his owner; now he’s ready to make up for lost time by wrapping you in his luscious purr and showing you how delightfully affectionate a ravishing cat-boy can be. Grady’s manners are as appealing as the rest of him — he gets along fine with dogs and other cats, and would make a gentle, relaxed companion for your kids. He may dabble in his water, but he respects your heart and all it holds. Come drink in his attention, check out his freshly-washed paws, and feel just how much love charming Grady has to give.

The Greenwood Humane Society is a not-for-profit organization committed to the compassionate care and protection of animals.

Their purpose is to give sanctuary to abandoned, abused, and neglected animals, provide education to the public on responsible and humane pet ownership, encourage the public to spay and neuter their pets by providing low cost surgery, and encourage adoptions of those animals placed in their care.

Their adoption center is open Monday through Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm est.

Visit their website at to see these and other available pets.

864-942-8775 (Shelter Adoption Area)
864-223-2498 (Spay/Neuter Clinic)