Pets of the Week December 23, 2013

His playful energy’s as infinite as his black, white and brindle good looks; one-year-old Am Staff Terrier/mix “Patch” is a good clean kid who’ll run for a tennis ball as many times as you’ll throw it, he’ll wear out your young ones without losing his tender smile — or his nonstop wag. But ask him to return to his run and he’ll listen, Patch plays hard but he’s cooperative at heart, just look into his youthful face and see. Patch is eager to be trained by your active family; he’s highly food-motivated and can already “sit” for a treat, he likes other dogs, too. All Patch wants for Christmas is a nice yard, a warm shelter and plenty of attention from you; come get him and bring home unlimited fun, and endless devotion, too.

Four-month-old Mi was plucked from a feral colony at only a few weeks old and went from skittish to lover boy in about five minutes flat, then uttered his first word —“Me.” His devoted foster family thought the name “Me” sounded self-centered, so changed to the more stylish “Mi,” and the tiny black kitten was off and running in the world of human affection. Mi is ensconced safely at Petsmart, waiting contentedly for you to come and receive all the fervent kisses he has in store for you; he gets along happily with other cats but is most ardently attracted to his humans. Visit him is his cozy cat condo and take home a purring package of holiday cheer that will last you for years to come — your very own, forever-merry “Mi.”

The Greenwood Humane Society is a not-for-profit organization committed to the compassionate care and protection of animals.

Their purpose is to give sanctuary to abandoned, abused, and neglected animals, provide education to the public on responsible and humane pet ownership, encourage the public to spay and neuter their pets by providing low cost surgery, and encourage adoptions of those animals placed in their care.

Their adoption center is open Monday through Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm est.

Visit their website at to see these and other available pets.

864-942-8775 (Shelter Adoption Area)
864-223-2498 (Spay/Neuter Clinic)