Pets of the Week March 19, 2018

This handsome dog is hoping to find a forever home with people who like to hike, jog, or enjoy other outdoor activities that will allow him to burn off his Border Collie energy. Mikey is an 18-month-old black and white Hound and Border Collie mix with big expressive brown eyes. He loves meeting new people and he’d be delighted to have doggie siblings who would play along in his highly-spirited play. He’s a medium-sized dog with a big personality, and he needs a fenced-in backyard so he can freely run and play. See Mikey today and expect to fall in love.

Onyx is just as black and beautiful as his name suggests. At just 7-months-old, he has plenty of energy, and his playful personality is sure to keep you laughing. He may be a cat, but he seems to fancy himself a comedian, constantly talking, batting around his toys, and doing all he can to capture your attention. He’s happy to be picked up for a cuddle, but when he’s had enough, he’ll take off again in search of some new exciting activity. Onyx is a sweet boy who loves his humans, but he’s also an independent spirit, so don’t be surprised if he regularly rearranges his living area to suit his needs.

Adoption fees waived for the pets of the week through Saturday!

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