Comic Binding

  • With the closing of Library Binding, I am looking into alternate Binderies that I can recommend. Some such as Long’s Roullet (waiting for an email reply to send a test bind out), Single Bound Studios (likewise waiting on an email reply before sending in a test volume), and Houchen – the company that bought out LibraryBinding
  • I created a Custom Cover Guide that you can use to generate a 350dpi guide that you can use to prepare your graphics for your binder of choice. This guide provides a 1″ border or turn-in section and zero padding on the spine measurements. Measure your comics by pressing them flat and measuring the thickness on the edge without the staples.

    Spine Thickness in inches ex. 1 1/2″ = 1.5 or
    1 7/8 = 1.875
    Add Blue lines indicating midway through front/back covers and spine?
    Add Green rectangles outlining safe zones for content?
    Add Red lines useful for positioning text?
  • – Greate resource for planning maps for DC titles and characters. I used this page to help with my New Teen Titans mapping.
  • Binding Forum at Marvel Masterworks My secondary resource for potential binding maps.
  • MY post about Binding New Mutants

Buying Comics

  • Discount Comic Book Service – great prices for new books – friendly service. Now that there is no LCS in Greenwood, DCBS is feeding the addiction.
  • In Stock Trades – sister to DCBS. They do just what their name says.
  • Borderlands
    (864) 235-3488
    1434 Laurens Rd
    Greenville, SC 29607
  • Cheap Ass Trades – site dedicated to finding the best price for trades online
  • – Lone Star Comics – great resource for finding back issues. Sign up for their newsletter to receive a weekly coupon code for extra discounts.


  • Comic Geek Speak – a bunch of friends discussing every aspect of comics – several shows a week.  Excellent excellent podcast.
  • iFanyBoy – 3 friends discussing the current week’s new releases
  • Word Balloon – excellent creator reviews.
  • 11 O’Clock Comics – bunch of guys get together and talk about comics.  Don’t forget your liver.
  • Secret Identity – a couple of friends discuss comics and pop culture.
  • The Lantern Cast – Green Lantern-centric podcast

There are a lot out there, I am just going to list the ones I actively listen to. You can find more at TheComicForums.