Custom Comic Binding – New Mutants

There is a new mini-hobby out there for Comic Enthusiasts. How often have you wanted a collected edition of your favorite stories, but the publisher hasn’t created one or it is out of print? That is where Comic Binding comes into play. You gather together the comics you think should be in a trade in the order you think they should be in and send them to a book binder like Texas Bindery.  In a few weeks, you will be holding in your hand the volume(s) made the way you want them made.

I am going to provide photos of a set of volumes I had created a few months ago along with the map, order of issue placement in each volume.  A great resource for binding is at the Binding Forum on and from the Comic Geek Speak podcast.


Chess Squares

A nice tasty unhealthy sweet snack  from my childhood.



  1. 1 Stick Margarine
  2. 1 box Pillsbury Plus Cake Mix – or Moist cake mix (one with pudding added)
  3. 1 egg


  1. 8 oz. Cream Cheese
  2. 2 eggs
  3. 1 Teaspoon Vanilla
  4. 1 box 10x sugar (powdered)


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
  • Melt margarine – add cake mix and 1 egg
  • Mix well
  • Pat into the bottom of a 9×15 pan
  • Soften cream cheese
  • Beat 2 eggs with vanilla and cream cheese
  • Add the sugar to the egg/vanilla/cream cheese mixture
  • Pour on top of the pan
  • Bake at 350 degrees F 30 to 35 minutes

This works best after sitting a day.

Enjoy and I am not responsible for cholesterol, pounds gained, etc. :)

Drunken Zombie Film Festival November 6-8, 2009

The horror podcast Drunken Zombie will be hosting a horror film festival this November. That means they’re looking for some of the best independent horror films they can find to screen. So if you have a horror masterpiece you’d love to screen or know someone who does have them stop by their website and click on the DZFF09 page to find out how to submit your film. They’ll be screening at the Peoria Theater in Peoria, IL. The Peoria Theater offers a great alternative screening atmosphere with a full bar along with your usual theater concessions.

This is the second annual Drunken Zombie screening but is actually the first year it was been a full blown film festival. Last year they screened the great indie horror films IT’S MY PARTY AND I’LL DIE IF I WANT TO and had the world premiere of ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. They had a great turn out and everyone enjoyed themselves. Now they have a full weekend full of horror greatness. So mark your calendars and make sure you are ready to see some of the great indie horror films they will be presenting.

For more info head to and any questions email Bryan at For info about the Peoria Theater check out

The Hangover

Awesome movie.  Not for the kiddies.  But is a mustsee.

I finally got around to watching this and regret not seeing it opening weekend with a crowded audience.

The plot is very simple.  4 guys go to Vegas for a night on the town before one of them gets married.  We see them toast to a night they will never forget.  Cut to the next day where 3 of them wake up and do not remember a thing about last night.  Including where the groom is.  The movie revolves around them re-tracing their steps trying to find their friend before his wedding.

Throw in a baby, a tiger, a missing tooth and a naked asian man in the trunk of their car for good measure.

I do not want to spoil any of this movie.  Go see it.