Avengers Endgame

I cannot be objective about this movie. At all. You get laughs, tears, the whole gamut of emotions. The screenwriters and directors manage to pay off every movie from the MCU. Every Movie. Even Thor: Dark World.

I cannot go into the opening scene. It is emotionally devastating. It is a gut punch to remind you people missing and what the remaining people are going through.

Spoilers – no Spoliers. The Avengers track down Thanos after the Snap. It does not go as well as they plan. Then we get a significant time jump. We see how the world has progressed in 5 years with half the population gone.

Ant-Man plays pretty heavily into the plot of Endgame. The Avengers prepare a Heist of epic proportions to gather the stones to undo the Snap. But like all plans, it does not survive contact with the enemy.

Along the way we get to revisit moments from all the previous MCU movies. So much character development. Every character gets their moment to shine in one way or another.

Phase 4 and Beyond are setup. But this could easily be the last MCU movie and tie everything up nicely.

I do not have just one favorite or stand out moment from the movie. But several. A lot from the final reel.

Two quotes to highlight a couple:

Thor -> “…I Knew It!”

Spider-Man -> “…Instant-Kill…”

Starring: Anyone and Everyone from previous MCU movies.

Binding DC Comic’s Robin

I wanted to show some of my recent bindings from Houchen Bindery.

Robin was an amazing title from DC – even after it was relaunched as Red Robin. This title was ended and Red Robin began after the Batman: Battle for the Cowl mini-series.

My map brings this title out to 12 volumes. I could only fit 10 in the box. Mapping Robin was not an easy task. I got a lot of help at The Comic Forums. Crossovers like Batman: Murderer, Batman:Fugitive and War Games have their own binds. I simply placed a notice in the appropriate volumes of when to see those stories.


Binding DC Comics’ Batgirl

The recent Batgirl title with Stephanie Brown was one of the best titles DC has put out in a long time. It is one of the casualties of the reboot and was killed well before its time. The final pages of the final issue left us with a taste of where Bryan Q. Miller could have taken the title.

I cannot stress how good this title was.

I went with Herring & Robinson Bookbinders as the binder for this title.

This was a fairly easy map. The title ran 24 issues with a brief crossover with Red Robin. One issue was supposed to be continued into an issue of Batman, Inc. But the delays on that title put the issue after the reboot.

edited to clarify binding Map -Donny