Binding DC Comic’s Robin

I wanted to show some of my recent bindings from Houchen Bindery.

Robin was an amazing title from DC – even after it was relaunched as Red Robin. This title was ended and Red Robin began after the Batman: Battle for the Cowl mini-series.

My map brings this title out to 12 volumes. I could only fit 10 in the box. Mapping Robin was not an easy task. I got a lot of help at The Comic Forums. Crossovers like Batman: Murderer, Batman:Fugitive and War Games have their own binds. I simply placed a notice in the appropriate volumes of when to see those stories.


Binding DC Comics’ Batgirl

The recent Batgirl title with Stephanie Brown was one of the best titles DC has put out in a long time. It is one of the casualties of the reboot and was killed well before its time. The final pages of the final issue left us with a taste of where Bryan Q. Miller could have taken the title.

I cannot stress how good this title was.

I went with Herring & Robinson Bookbinders as the binder for this title.

This was a fairly easy map. The title ran 24 issues with a brief crossover with Red Robin. One issue was supposed to be continued into an issue of Batman, Inc. But the delays on that title put the issue after the reboot.

edited to clarify binding Map -Donny

Comic Binding Update

I am sorry to say that has been purchased by Houchen. I am not sure if they are going to be carrying on the fine quality work that Jim, Jeanette, Will and everyone at Library Binding performed.

I am going to see about other alternatives for binders in a similar price/quality (over-sewn and glued, extras like ribbon markers and die stamping, etc) range.

I have not had any direct communication with Houchen and therefore cannot comment one way or another on the quality of their work or even if they will work with individuals like Library Binding did. From what I understand, a lot of the larger binders do not take into account us one-off customers. You know the customer who is only getting a couple of books bound – unlike a library or school that would be getting hundreds or more bound at a time.