Powers #22 – Weekly Comic Pick

Powers #22
More Powers goodness. The death of several heroes and the ramifications continue to unravel this week. Walker and Deena try to approach their captain with their theory and small bit of evidence only to rebuffed. Crystal begins to talk with them and gets killed by an invisible assailant for her troubles. I cannot wait for this arc to be completed. It is just begging for a single sit-thru reading.

Teen Titans #42 – Weekly Comic Pick

Teen Titans #42
We finally learn the origin of Kid Devil and how he became demonic. Very nice info on a char I knew nothing about until he appeared in the pages of the Titans. I will not spoil the details of this issue. You should read it yourself for the story alone. The art on this issue was a little ‘meh’, but the story outweighed that factor.

Justice Society of America #1 – Weekly Comic Pick

I will preface this week by saying I had a huge amount of comics to pick from. Including some old Invincible and Walking Dead. I am still of the opinion that Invincible by Robert Kirkman at Image is the best superhero comic out there with his Walking Dead title the best non-superhero book being published. That said…

Justice Society of America #1

Geoff Johns. ’nuff said. This man is one of the best writers in the business today. He is the best that DC has on exclusive contract. This book is amazing. It lets you know who the team is in this issue – not like Justice League of America. The characterizations on the established characters are right on. The new characters are interesting in their own little quirks. Especially Starman. :) This title sets up the inital arc greatly. the JSA is all about teaching the new generation of heroes how to be good. I do not want to give up too much plot – but this is an excellent jumping on point. I myself have never picked up any JSA titles in the past. This issue has made me add the title to my pull list.