Teen Titans #42 – Weekly Comic Pick

Teen Titans #42
We finally learn the origin of Kid Devil and how he became demonic. Very nice info on a char I knew nothing about until he appeared in the pages of the Titans. I will not spoil the details of this issue. You should read it yourself for the story alone. The art on this issue was a little ‘meh’, but the story outweighed that factor.

Y:The Last Man #52
Dr. Mann saves Yorick from her father in the nick of time. Yorick and 355 prepare to leave for Paris as Dr. Mann and Rose stay and begin work cloning Yorick. You can tell this series is winding down. But it is still just as strong as it was in the beginning. I highly recommend getting the trades if you are not picking up this title.
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52 Week 33
Christmas Issue. Nightwing hits on Batwoman some more. We see how far down Charlie has progressed and how Renee is holding up. We see small vignets of how the heroes are spending their holiday. We see the Black Adam Family hold a press conference and turn into their human form to try and help convince the world that Black Adam is on the side the angels. Amanda Waller has her "Suicide Dquad" assembled to take on Black Adam. Lex Luthor proves just how evil he can really be as he orders an everyman subject to be dissected just as he starts to recover from complications caused by the everyman process,

Birds of Prey #101
This issue continues the new direction Gail Simone has taken this title. Basically we have the US Government via SpySmasher against Oracle’s organization. I don’t want to reveal too much about this issue, ut it is worth the read.

Ultimate Spider-Man #103
The revelations keep coming in this issue as Peter and the clones confront Octavius and learn the truth about Octavius, the FBI, Peter’s father, and the purpose of the cloning. Much much better than the 616 clone saga. I think the next issue wraps this up as well.

New Avengers #26
WTF? Well we finally see what happened to Hawkeye and the Scarlet Witch after the House of M. meh.

New Avengers: Illuminati #1
Another meh title. It starts out in the aftermath of the Kree/Skrull War. The Illuminati visit the Skrull leader and basically tell him to stay away from Earth. This does not go over so well with the Skrulls. They blast their ship and capture them and put them to torture to see how metahumans function. They escape and the skrull leader claims he has what he needs and he can wait.

Secret Six #6
Final issue in this stellar limited series from DC and Gail Simone. We see the final confrontation between the Six and Vandal Savage’s henchmen. We also learn never to screw with the Hatter. Never. That is one twisted little guy.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes II #4
The battle on AIM Island draws to a close with the cloned Adaptoids destroyed, but the original escapes. Hank begins to feel the pressure more and more as he relives what he did to the adaptoids and undergoes government scrutiny. Something tells me this series will lead to his breakdown and creation of the YellowJacklet persona.

Civil War: Frontline #9
Some good and some bad. Speedball continues his journey away from the character I loved in the first volume fo the New Warriors.

Civil War: Casualties of War
Pretty good story showing Cap and Iron Man meeting to try and hash things out one last time. We see a little more from the Pro-Reg side that makes sense. FOR THE FIRST TIME. Just not their implementation of it.

Civil War: War Crimes
When is it ok for a hero to make deals with a villain? We have already seen Iron Man do just that with the new Thunderbolts. Is it really any surprise when he agrees to meet with Wilson Fisk in prison? He starts up a relationship with Fisk, using his intel and successfully captured Cloak and Dagger. This just draws Iron Man deeper into bed with Fisk. Gotta love the finale tho.