52 Week 29 – Weekly Comic Pick

52 week 29
Why 52 this week? Well my LCS has not received their shipments of the latest Invincible or Walking Dead yet. Nor even Birds of Prey #100. So, of the 5 titles I picked up this week, 52 was the best. We see a what the remaining members of the JSA, including Obsidian, think of Infinity, inc and it’s newest member, Jade. That’s right Jade. A girl with green hair and plant based powers in the Original Jade’s costume. Needless to say, this upsets Alan Scott and Obsidian (father and brother to the original Jade respectively) quite a bit. We also see a bit more of the Mad Scientist plot on Egg Fu’s island. Will Magnus’ pills are finally taken away from him. Instead of a 2-page origina story this week, we get a 2-page epilogue to the Steel/Luthor story. Luthor’s Everyman Powers come with an expiration date. As Steel’s new metal covering has started peeling off on it’s own.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes II #2 of 8

Another fun tale from early Avengers history. This time centering around the time the Vision joined the Avengers. We have AIM scientists experimenting on their Super Adaptoid. The Vision pulled into Government custody because they fear he may be the Super Adaptoid with a fresh coat of paint or some other type of security risk. We also see the beginnings of the breakdown of Hawkeye and Black Widow’s relationship. Overall more entertaining than the Avengers or New Avengers titles have been since Kurt Busiek was writing.

Ultimate Spider-Man #102

We learn just how many clones there are. And what happened to Mary Jane. Looks like the rotting peter clone injected here with Oz – which he received from [SPOILER] who is now working with SHIELD. We are introduced to the Ultimate Jessica Drew and hijinks ensue. I am hoping this storyline wraps up soon. So far this has been the weakest story arc of the series yet…ok the wolverine bodyswap and vampire mini-arcs were way worse.

Amazing Spider-Man #536

Right off the bat, the issue tells you to read Civil War #5 and #6 before going further. WTF? #5 just came out last week! I debated reading it now or later, but decided with the lackluster writing on Civil War and the usually good writing on Amazing, I’d go ahead and read it. Pretty good read on how Peter is taking things since his defection to Cap’s side. He is apparently completely healed from the injuries he sustained in Civil War #5.

Civil War Frontline #8

More on Speedball’s situation. Hill wants him stabilized and back in prison sooner rather than later. If this means he is under constant pain so be it. We see more on the Atlantean Sleeper cell story and more on the green goblin story. Overall, I felt “Meh” reading this issue. Maybe it’s my whole dissatisfaction with anything Civil War. I usually like this title more.

To Be Read

Comics I am missing that I will need to order online: Nightmare on Elm Street #2, Walking Dead #32, Invincible #36, all of the Athena Voltaire series, Werewolves: Call of the Wild #1, Birds of Prey #100
These titles were not received by my LCS. darnit.