52 Week 29 – Weekly Comic Pick

52 week 29
Why 52 this week? Well my LCS has not received their shipments of the latest Invincible or Walking Dead yet. Nor even Birds of Prey #100. So, of the 5 titles I picked up this week, 52 was the best. We see a what the remaining members of the JSA, including Obsidian, think of Infinity, inc and it’s newest member, Jade. That’s right Jade. A girl with green hair and plant based powers in the Original Jade’s costume. Needless to say, this upsets Alan Scott and Obsidian (father and brother to the original Jade respectively) quite a bit. We also see a bit more of the Mad Scientist plot on Egg Fu’s island. Will Magnus’ pills are finally taken away from him. Instead of a 2-page origina story this week, we get a 2-page epilogue to the Steel/Luthor story. Luthor’s Everyman Powers come with an expiration date. As Steel’s new metal covering has started peeling off on it’s own.