Top 5 – Werewolf Movies

1. Howling (1981) imdb link
There is a serial killer on the loose, Karen White is the only reporter he communicates with. After a near fatal encounter with him at a Pussycat Theater, she is ordered to take a vacation. Eddie was killed by the Police, but Karen doesn’t want to let it go and discovers that he came from a tiny community in the woods and that’s where she decides to vacation with boyfriend Chris. Big mistake, because Eddie was an outcast of a pack of Werewolves who is trying to keep a low profile and doesn’t want any interviews. Can Karen and Chris escape the village of the wolf?
The Howling (Special Edition)Howling II - Your Sister Is a WerewolfHowling III - The MarsupialsThe Howling IV: The Original Nightmare

Teen Titans #42 – Weekly Comic Pick

Teen Titans #42
We finally learn the origin of Kid Devil and how he became demonic. Very nice info on a char I knew nothing about until he appeared in the pages of the Titans. I will not spoil the details of this issue. You should read it yourself for the story alone. The art on this issue was a little ‘meh’, but the story outweighed that factor.

Top 5 – TV Shows that need to be on DVD

1) Werewolf the series imdb link

This amazing series chronicled Eric Cord’s search for a cure to Lycanthopy. He must find the head of the bloodline and kill him/her. He is hunting for an older werewolf played by Chuck Connors. He is himself being hunted by a bounty hunter. Each episode was only 30 minutes and it only lasted one season, but this series had the best Werewolf creature effects I had seen before or since (Dog Soldiers does come close). You can find all the information you need at this site This is a flash based site.