Top 5 – TV Shows that need to be on DVD

1) Werewolf the series imdb link

This amazing series chronicled Eric Cord’s search for a cure to Lycanthopy. He must find the head of the bloodline and kill him/her. He is hunting for an older werewolf played by Chuck Connors. He is himself being hunted by a bounty hunter. Each episode was only 30 minutes and it only lasted one season, but this series had the best Werewolf creature effects I had seen before or since (Dog Soldiers does come close). You can find all the information you need at this site This is a flash based site.

2) Friday the 13th the series imdb link

This was a slightly cheesy show about a pair of cousins who inherit a curio shop. Apparently, their uncle had made a deal with the devil and sold cursed items out of the shop. Near the end of his life, he had a change of heart and worked to recollect the items. In their initial ownership of the shop, Niki and Ryan had a big sale of the type everything must go. And of course they sold all the cursed items back out. After they discover their error, they spend the series working to get back the cursed items. You can find more info on the show at this site:

3) Happy Days Season 2 and beyond imdb link

We got season one. Now where are the rest? I’m not going to waste time giving you a synopsis on this one. You know it. :) If you want the first season,
Happy Days - The Complete First Season

4) Tremors the series imdb link

I love the Tremors series. From discovering the first one at a local video rental shop to the subsequent releases. I loved it. I loved the series on the Sci-Fi channel. Unfortunately, Sci-Fi does what Sci-Fi always does … it cancels shows ahead of its time. This is my biggest complaint about this channel. We lose Farscape, Tremors, Invisible Man, G vs. E, and this is the final season of Stargate SG-1. But anyway. This series details all sorts of wierd things that happen in Perfection, either because of el Blancho (an albino worm left in the town after the 3rd movie) or to…other reasons. :) Best place for Tremors info is Stampede Entertainment the company behind all things Tremors. You can also pick up the moves from,
TremorsTremors 2: AftershocksTremors 3 - Back to PerfectionTremors 4 - The Legend Begins

5) Invisible Man the series imdb link

This series lasted two seasons on the Sci-Fi channel and both blasted seasons are released on DVD overseas…just not here. Same with G vs. E (aka Good vs. Evil). Fawkes is a criminal who gets a gland inserted into him as a means to lessen his sentence. This gland releases a chemical dubbed "Quicksilver" that coats the subject and renders him invisible. There is a drawback – too much quicksilver exposure can make one…homicidically insane. Better info can be found at