Justice League of America #4 – Weekly Comic Pick

Justice League of America #4

The team is really starting to get together this issue. We learn why Red Tornadoes body was stolen and the surprise mastermind behind the whole thing. We also learn a little about the true immortals of the DCU.

52 Week 32

We see more of Ralph’s story progress. His journey has suprised me at how much I have enjoyed it. I was always a fan of the Elongated Man from older JLA/JLI stories. But this direction really has me interested. We see alittle more on the state of he Titans during this time and what the Lost in Space crew are up to.

Bullet Points #1 & #2

This is a nice refreshing story compared to the other mini-series out now. What if the doctor who created Captain America was shot one day before he was? How would that affect the Marvel Universe? We see how in this incredible series with some amazing artwork. We see how the origins of Captain America, Iron Man, and the Hulk are different.

Robin #157

A little weak this month compared to earlier One Year later issues. This is part one of a two part fill-in team. We Robin take time out of savnig citizens of gotham to save a cat. He then proceeds to spend the rest of the issue trying to save the cat from…something.

Trials of Shazam #4

Freddy goes to see the embodiment of Achilles in this issue. But the other side are there to disrupt the trial. This is a good series, but I think it will read better as a trade.

Ultimate X-Men #77

More on Ultimate Cable, Ultimate Domino, etc. and their war on Professor X. The professor lets slip his true feelings for Jean to Scott. Cable makes a remark to Jean about her current use of her Telekiniesis. Not Robert Kirkman’s best work – for that check out Invincible or Walking Dead.

Batman #660

This title takes one more fateful step to me dropping this title. I hate fill-in teams. Their stories ever hardly seem to matter. I wasn’t all that thrilled with Morrison’s first arc. I think I will give him one more arc to change my mind. This issue deals more with the Grotesk storyline. The one where you see where the story is going by page two of the comic.