This is a childhood favorite vampire film for me. It is one of the three vampire films I watched over and over as a kid – including Near Dark and the Lost Boys.

I just picked up the Arrow entertainment blu-ray. It is a huge improvement over the earlier bare bones blu-ray. Other than one brief scene, the entire movie is remastered. It has nice special features, but is missing the commentary that was on the DVD release years back.

Vamp opens with a botched fraternity initiation for Keith and AJ. To get into the fraternity, they promise to procure the services of a stripper for a party later that night. They go to Duncan to barter for the use of one of his cars. The price? They have to pretend to be his friend for a week.

Keith and AJ

Along the way to the strip club, Keith, AJ & Duncan run afoul of an albino gang. After an … interesting … way of getting out of the situation, they manage to get to the club.


While Keith and Duncan are watching “ringside”, AJ is flying solo at the bar. After an odd performance by the owner, Katrina, AJ decides that is the act he wants for the fraternity. As he goes backstage to broker a deal, a waitress, Amaretto, talks up Keith. She mentions remembering him and them having an encounter in the past. All of which Keith does not remember.

Amaretto Keith Duncan

AJ has an intense encounter with Katrina that leads into the guys and Amaretto dodging vampires and the albino gang for the rest of the night.

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Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

I loved the first Harold and Kumar movie, but missed it in theaters.  I decided I was not going to miss a chance at seeing this one.

If you liked the first Harold and Kumar movie, you will like this one also.  It does suffer a little from sequel-itis.  It is not quite as funny, but still delivers.  I will not go too much into the plot – not looking to give out spoilers.  But events unfold that get Harold and Kumar thrown into Guantanamo Bay as terrorists.  They escape and are working to get to the US and clear their name.  Hilarity ensues.

Also, this movie is not for kids.  It has a lot of nudity, recreational drug use and profanity.

That said.  Two words.  Bottomless Party.

Other things to keep in mind: Neil Patrick Harris, Unicorns, Cyclops, Rednecks, etc.

Not sure if i have a real ratings system.  But I would give this a 7 out of 10 with the first Harold and Kumar getting an 8.5.