Justice Society of America #1 – Weekly Comic Pick

I will preface this week by saying I had a huge amount of comics to pick from. Including some old Invincible and Walking Dead. I am still of the opinion that Invincible by Robert Kirkman at Image is the best superhero comic out there with his Walking Dead title the best non-superhero book being published. That said…

Justice Society of America #1

Geoff Johns. ’nuff said. This man is one of the best writers in the business today. He is the best that DC has on exclusive contract. This book is amazing. It lets you know who the team is in this issue – not like Justice League of America. The characterizations on the established characters are right on. The new characters are interesting in their own little quirks. Especially Starman. :) This title sets up the inital arc greatly. the JSA is all about teaching the new generation of heroes how to be good. I do not want to give up too much plot – but this is an excellent jumping on point. I myself have never picked up any JSA titles in the past. This issue has made me add the title to my pull list.

Invincible #36

Yes I know I am a couple of weeks late covering this issue. But I just got it in – my Local Comic Shop didn’t get it. Very cool issue. This title is the best superhero title currently being published. It is written by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Marvel Zombies, Irredeemable Ant-Man) and published by Image Comics. We have the return of the Re-Animen this issue.

Walking Dead #32 & #33

#32 – The Big Escape. Rick, Glenn, Michonne, and a handful of the residents escape the Governor’s holdings. Well almost all of them. Someone gets munched by a Biter. Michonne goes back inside to take care of the Governor.

#33 – This was a gruesome issue. In case I have never mentioned it before. This title is not for children. This issue we see Michonne get back with the Governor in graphic detail. *shudders*

New Universal #1

Warren Ellis revisits Marvel’s New Universe from the 80s. This issue recreates the White Event that gave everyone in that reality their powers. Very interesting foreshadowing here. Along with possible info that the white event or something similar has happened repeatedly in the past. I am hoping to see Psi-Force in here at some point.

Friday the 13th #1

This title is awesome! I am a huge fan of the Friday the 13th movies. This title felt just like one. It goes a little more indepth on the area pre-Vorhees. Palmiotti and Gray really have a handle on this genre. I am really looking forward to the next issue on this. Now, here’s hoping the “reimagining” of the first movie is at least half as good as this.

Nightwing #127

I am so glad Wolfman is writing this title. I am liking the art, but it would be incredible if DC would get George Perez to pencil with Marv writing. This issue continues the first arc. We see Dick get more concerned with his life and needing a wellrounded one.

Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe #1

In the same format as Marvel’s handbooks, this issue gives you the low-down on Allen the Alien to Komodo Dragon.

Birds of Prey #100

Yes another late one. This was a very good issue. Kind of curious if the format of future issues will be like this – Oracle picks a handful of agents from her available talent pool or if she will end up with a core unit like she had with Huntress and Canary.

A Nightmare on Elm Street #2 & #3

This title I am not so sure about. The first arc finishes up in these two issues. Freddy pretty much wins. And we don’t see too much of him either. Not as many quips or cool death scenes. Promising covers tho. I am hoping future issues will get better.

52 Week 31

More Space happenings this week. Not really too much got me excited this issue. We do get a more upclose look at what Lobo has been running from.

Outsiders #43

It was an ok issue. Still not entirely happy with the way Winick writes nightwing. Interesting use of Katana’s sword.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes II #3

More fun times from the Avengers past. In the era when the Vision first joined, we see Hank Pym try to lead the Avengers against a legion of Super-Adaptoids. He hasn’t slapped Jan, yet. But you get the feeling it is coming. Just from the amount of stress he is under.

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