If you missed Heroes tonight, you HAVE to catch it Friday night at 7pm est. on Sci-Fi. This episode brought us more info on Hiro, Claire’s Father (is he good or evil…it may not be as black and white as all that), Isaac, Mohinder, Matt, and we see some Syler (sp?). Ok, he is still in shadow. We learn a little more about the Radioactive Man and other heroes are introduced. Nothing on Niki or DL this week. Which I did not miss in the slightest.

Next week promises to be a major plot point in the Save the Cheerleader. Save the World plot.

If you have not stopped by NBC’s page. Go there now. You can check out the online comics that give a little more info into characters than we see in the show, and you can check out Hiro’s Blog. Go to http://www.nbc.com/Heroes.