52 week 34 – Weekly Comic Pick

52 week 34
Suicide Squad vs. Black Marvel Family!! Clark Kent interrogated under truth serum! The Question’s health fades even further! Lex has a hissy fit!

Justice League of America #5
We finally get the gang together this issue as Solomon Grundy and the JLA goe after the new Amazo in Red Tornado’s android body. Meltzer really knows how to work with some of the second-string characters to make them more. Just don’t know why Arsenal had to have a name change to Red Arrow…

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures #3
Awesome. I’m not exactly thrilled with the art on this title, but I love to see the novel brought to comics. It is a very faithful adaptation. Go pick this up. Now.

Hack/Slash : Slice Hard
Cassie Hack hunts Slashers. You know Slashers – the killers that won’t stay dead – like Jason or Freddy. In this one-shot, Cassie has been kidnapped by a cosmetics firm…stay with me on this…to help control the 4 Slashers the same firm has already captured. Seems they had the thought that since these Slashers can take so much damage and regenerate, they would be perfect ingredients in perfume or make-up. You guessed it :). the slashers escape with the help of a Possessed Teddy Bear last seen in Hack/Slash : Land of Lost Toys. (Funniest panel is seeing this teddy bear standing on the side of the road trying to hitch a ride as he wields a butcher knife…puzzled why noone will pick him up). Cassie and her partner Vlad take care of business and alls well that ends well…sorta. Seems we have a new slasher created from the experimental products from the firm. Can’t wait for the movie adaptation of this series.

Annihilation #5
More on the cosmic front of Marvel. Why couldn’t Civil War been like this. One title, no need for crossovers. Characters not written out of character for what they have endured… This issue we see a little more on why you don’t want to tick of Galactus, what is happening on the Kree homeworld, and the best father/daughter reunion ever.

Ultimate Power #3
We see how things started from the other side of the pond this issue. Reed gives up. Greg Land does his usual not so good stuff…I can’t beleive this is the same guy that had such an incredible run on Nightwing… I think this title would be higher in my list with someone else penciling…

Ultimate Fantastic Four #37
meh…I will be glad when this Thanos arc is over. Maybe get a new creative team to boot.

Batman 661
Why am I still paying money for this crap? I give it one more arc before I drop this title.