Powers #22 – Weekly Comic Pick

Powers #22
More Powers goodness. The death of several heroes and the ramifications continue to unravel this week. Walker and Deena try to approach their captain with their theory and small bit of evidence only to rebuffed. Crystal begins to talk with them and gets killed by an invisible assailant for her troubles. I cannot wait for this arc to be completed. It is just begging for a single sit-thru reading.

52 week 35
Lex Luthor is a dick. In a fit of anger over his continued inability to undergo the Everyman process, he turns off everyone’s powers at the stroke of Midnight New Years…everyone except Infinity, inc. of course. If not for SuperNova, things would have been a lot worse. Still havent figured out who he really is yet… Nat finally catches a clue. The Space trio finds that things are not as they appear to be. All in all a pretty good issue. No more on the Question or Renee. I am hoping Charlie survived the night. He has become a favorite character since 52 launched.

A Nightmare on Elm Street #4
Freddy has hed games played on him for a change…by a third grader no less. :) This was a fun romp down elm street. It kind of caps the 3 issue intro-arc and acts as a one-shot. We see people bargain with Freddy for their lives…in effect becoming his daytime eyes and ears and sometimes hands in the waking world.

Nightwing #128
Have I mentioed how glad I am that Wolfman is writing Nightwing? This feels like Dick. Not the crap Bruce Jones wrote, not the character Grayson wrote, not the guy Winnick is writing in Outsiders. Wolfman gets him.

Bullet Points #3
Iron Man vs. Hulk!! Two men enter – One man leaves! The Fantastic Four make their journy into space. We get a new one-eyed agent of SHIELD. Amazing just how much one bullet changes things.

New Universal #2
Wha? huh? So the guy that looks like Sawyer is the Starbrand…ok. The asian woman is Nightmask…gotcha. The dead man with the scar is Justice…alrighty. And we see s grey, anime inspired Spitfire Mech Suit in development. I am not sure just where this series is going. But I’ll keep going…

Winter Soldier : Winter Kills [Casualties of War]
ok..I’ll admit. I have not been reading Captain America lately. I have heard amazing things about Brubaker’s run. But not enough to make me pick up the title. Especially after he brought Bucky back. You know Bucky, Cap’s sidekick who died at the end of World War 2. Bucky, Uncle Ben, and Jason Todd staying dead were things that you could count on. That at least sometimes, when you die in comics, you stay dead. Of course, we see Jason Todd was brought back last year…by Superboy Prime punching a wall… I have no idea how Bucky was brought back, but he appears to be in his 20s-early 30s. Now despite the fact that I HATE that he was brought back, this was an outstanding issue. Not for the crummy current story dealing with the Young Avengers and a Hydra base, but for the story set in World War 2 between Toro and Bucky. The finale of the issue with Bucky asking Namor how Toro died…priceless.

Amazing Spider-Man #537
Spidey officially joins Cap’s side in the Civil War. He joins with the rebels as they prepare to break into the 42 prison in the negative zone. However, a hooker working the hotel where Peter, Mary Jane, and May are hiding at recognized him earlier in the week. Word gets to the Kingpin in jail. Fisk decides to hire someone to take out Peter or anyone close to him if he is not available. As Peter and Cap’s forces prepare to go into the Negative Zone, we see cross hairs on MJ and Aunt May…

Civil War #6
When will it end??! This issue Cap and his crew get ready to enter the negative zone and free the prisoners and face Iron Man and his forces. Sounds kinda similar to the plot of Amazing 537, don’t it? And issue 7 is delayed…no surprise. The surprise will be this fiasco ever ending. So Much Mischaracterization!!!!

Civil War : Frontline #10
The reporters meet to share notes on what each thinks is the true cause behind this Civil War (could it be related to all the nifty Defense contracts Stark is getting?) We find out who Penance is . To which I say…crap! garbage! At least we did not get a crappy 2-3 page letter/story in the back this time.

Atom #7
Interesting read. I mainly picked this issue up because Mike Norton is penciling this issue and the next one.