Comic Binding Update

I am sorry to say that has been purchased by Houchen. I am not sure if they are going to be carrying on the fine quality work that Jim, Jeanette, Will and everyone at Library Binding performed.

I am going to see about other alternatives for binders in a similar price/quality (over-sewn and glued, extras like ribbon markers and die stamping, etc) range.

I have not had any direct communication with Houchen and therefore cannot comment one way or another on the quality of their work or even if they will work with individuals like Library Binding did. From what I understand, a lot of the larger binders do not take into account us one-off customers. You know the customer who is only getting a couple of books bound – unlike a library or school that would be getting hundreds or more bound at a time.

Custom Comic Binding – New Mutants

There is a new mini-hobby out there for Comic Enthusiasts. How often have you wanted a collected edition of your favorite stories, but the publisher hasn’t created one or it is out of print? That is where Comic Binding comes into play. You gather together the comics you think should be in a trade in the order you think they should be in and send them to a book binder like Texas Bindery.  In a few weeks, you will be holding in your hand the volume(s) made the way you want them made.

I am going to provide photos of a set of volumes I had created a few months ago along with the map, order of issue placement in each volume.  A great resource for binding is at the Binding Forum on and from the Comic Geek Speak podcast.


Gnome by Dave Dwonch

This is a nice one-shot from one of the hosts of the Geek Savants podcast. Gnome is published by Super Real Graphics.Gnome is an all-ages comic book that tells the story of the last guardian gnome defending the earth from an entity trying to break through. The story is set in the 1950s and also focuses on Andy a young man who has moved from the big city to a small town and is trying to make a life for himself. He has inherited a house from his later uncle. A man who kept pretty much to himself and disappears under suspicious circumstances. Andy ends up getting a lawn gnome statue at a flea market.

The lawn gnome comes to life and works with Andy to get ready to fight the entity trying to enter our world through his basement. I’m not going to further spoil the plot. I may have already said too much. But this is not just the tale of the last gnome on earth, but also a coming-of-age tale for Andy. Sorta.

This book is awesome. Plus Dave did a pretty cool thing for people who pre-ordered the comic through DCBS (Discount Comic Book Service), he would sketch the hero/villain of your choice as a gnome. I, of course, elected to get one done of my City of Heroes character, Vindicator done. I’ll post a pic here

as soon as I can get it scanned in.

You can still get a copy of this book. Ask your local comic shop to order it, or you can get it from Super Real Graphics or

From the back of the book:

“Gnomes are real! Believed to be simple yard decoration, these Garden Gnomes once roamed the Earth as its greatest protectors. Lonmg ago a curse was placed upon them, petrifying them until the day they were needed to protect the Earth once more. In 1956 the world was in peril … and one lonely gnome answered the call.”/

Hack/Slash #6 – Weekly Comic Pick

Hack/Slash #6 (Devil’s Due)

The Return of Father Wrath!

Cassie and Vlad enter Haverhill in search of Father Wrath – and we see an art style change. The rest of the issue is presented in an Archie style. The story starts with 3 friends talking about a school dance being held that night. Taber, the Archie of this issue, has asked two girls to the dance and is freaking out. One of his friends begins to plot how he could benefit from this. He is approached by someone with a solution. Taber is convinced to wear a Father Wrath costume – and someone else will be at the dance in the same outfit – that way he can spend time with both girls without arousing suspicion. Taber’s friend spikes the punch and makes a move on Taber’s girl after she has had a lot of punch. Cassie and Vlad enter and Cassie tackles Taber thinking he is the real Father Wrath. Meanwhile, Father Wrath has followed Taber’s friend and his date to the locker room waiting for them to sin…so he can bash their heads in with a giant cross. Taber’s friend gets it, but Vlad is able to save the girl just in time. Turns out this is not the original Father Wrath, but his nephew.

If you were ever remotely a fan of Slasher movies – this title is for you! There are 3 trades out now – get them or check to see if your local library has them. (more…)