Hack/Slash #6 – Weekly Comic Pick

Hack/Slash #6 (Devil’s Due)

The Return of Father Wrath!

Cassie and Vlad enter Haverhill in search of Father Wrath – and we see an art style change. The rest of the issue is presented in an Archie style. The story starts with 3 friends talking about a school dance being held that night. Taber, the Archie of this issue, has asked two girls to the dance and is freaking out. One of his friends begins to plot how he could benefit from this. He is approached by someone with a solution. Taber is convinced to wear a Father Wrath costume – and someone else will be at the dance in the same outfit – that way he can spend time with both girls without arousing suspicion. Taber’s friend spikes the punch and makes a move on Taber’s girl after she has had a lot of punch. Cassie and Vlad enter and Cassie tackles Taber thinking he is the real Father Wrath. Meanwhile, Father Wrath has followed Taber’s friend and his date to the locker room waiting for them to sin…so he can bash their heads in with a giant cross. Taber’s friend gets it, but Vlad is able to save the girl just in time. Turns out this is not the original Father Wrath, but his nephew.

If you were ever remotely a fan of Slasher movies – this title is for you! There are 3 trades out now – get them or check to see if your local library has them.Ultimate Spider-Man #116 (Marvel)

More fallout from the Goblin’s escape from SHIELD.

Norman flees the scene and Peter tries to draw him out. After that doesn’t work, Peter and Kitty leave. Peter gets home and is surprised to find Norman sitting in his living room. Norman begins to talk about how he will be remembered for creating Spider-Man – but Peter is having none of it. Suddenly, a special news report comes on TV – Harry outs his father to the world as a madman and murderer.

Crime Bible #2 (DC)

This issue deals with the sin of lust. Acolytes of the crime church has setup a convent (aka brothel) to attract politicians and other powerful men and women. Renee goes undercover as a client to find out what their goal is. Apparently, they videotape the sessions with their clients and then blackmail them – not for money or secrets – but to keep them coming back for more diverse “pleasures”. pleasures that end in the murder of one of the girls. A senator is being prepped for this final ritual when Renee begins coming to the convent. She spends weeks just talking to one girl in particular until one night she slips and lets things get physical. She then leaves the room and gets to the senator just in time to stop him from comitting murder. She sets fire to the building giving everyone plenty of time to evacuate. This closes this convent and the work they were doing.

Green Lantern Corps #18 (DC)

Ion vs. Superman-Prime!

We learn a lot about Ion’s previous life on his xenophobic homeworld in this issue as he and Superman-Prime have a huge knock-down dragout fight. He had befriended a crashed alien only to be brainwashed by his parents in an attempy to make him xeniphobic like everyone else on his planet. The plan backfires and he begins to fashion a spaceship from the wreckage of the alien’s vessel. Just as he is about to finish this endeavor, a Green Lantern ring chooses him. Unfortunately, he is not a match for Superman-Prime and is defeated.

The Sinestro War has been the perfect example of an event. It has an amzing story and writing and artwork. Much better than Countdown or any of the Marvel ones lately.

Teen Titans #53 (DC)

We see a large group of Titans from the future here as a future Lex leads them against Starro.  We cut to Miss Martian, Robin, Wonder Girl and Supergirl each dealing with their counterparts in various ways.  Miss Martian kills her future self.  Supergirl knocks the clone of Conner into the stratopshere and she goes to help Wonder Girl.  Lex and the future Titans and Kid Devil, Ravager and Blue Beetle fight for their lives until only Blue Beetle is left without being taken over by Starro.