Angel – After the Fall #1 – Weekly Comic Pick

Angel – After the Fall #1 (IDW)

Here we have the story of Angel picking up after the end of season 5. LA has literally been taken to Hell. Angel has convinced the dragon last seen in the final frames from the last episode of the show to be his ally. They are working to round up normal humans and take them to a safe haven. Who runs that safe haven – his son, Connor.

Angel returns to the Wolfram and Hart building and has a dustup with a demon lord. Wesley comes to break it up. Yep Wesley. Just as Lyla was tied to Wolfram and Hart after death, so to is Wesley’s spirit. We have more setup on the current status quo as we see Gunn and his gang taking out demons and freeing their slaves. After clearing out the demons, they promptly turn on the grateful humans and feed on them. Turns out, they are vampires – even Gunn.

Powers #27 (Icon)

Deena goes to Lance the Lance and “convinces” him to help find out who is killing teenage girls. Trihammer returns to the station in search of his daughter. Walker takes him to the morgue and Triphammer finds the body of his daughter. He loses it and trashed the morgue. We cut to Lance’s henchmen turning over criminals looking for information on the killings. What do they find? That Deena has the same powers as the killer and the police want to question her concerning the killings. As the fit hits the shan, the police are talking strategy to try and come up with a way to find or stop the killer. Then Retro Girl walks in …

The Boys #12 (Dynamite Entertainment)

We learn a little more about the exploding superpeople as little Nina returns to a building filled with supervillains. Butcher and Hughie are hiding and watching the proceedings … well … I don’t want to give this one away. Go read it. The first trade is available. This is NOT a title for the kids.

Invincible #46 (Image)

We open with the Immortal going to a cabin and finding Dupli-Kate. Turns out she keeps a copy of herself hidden away just in case all her copies die. Her power works a little differently than Marvel’s Multiple Man – Kate shares a consciousness with all her dupes in real time. Her brother does as well. Multi-Paul attacks Invincible and Rex Splode. He holds Rex responsible for the death of his sister. As Invincible and Rex mow through copies of Paul, Kate and the Immortal come on the scene. Kate eventually cools her brother down – somewhat.

We cut to a Viltrumite prison where Omni-man is exercising. His reward – General Kregg will deal with him personally.

Walking Dead #44 (Image)

The Governor has returned and he brought friends. And a tank. The Others attack the prison in an attempt to take it for their community. They mow down the zombies in front of the prison and fire through the fences at the people within. Andrea climbs a guard tower and begins sniping attackers one by one. Glen climbs the other tower – but doesn’t really do that much damage. They manage to run off the Others – but not without a price. Rick has taken a shot to the stomach.

Looks like it is really true – no one is safe in this arc.