Necessary Evil #1 – Weekly Comic Pick

Necessary Evil #1 (Desperado Publishing)

Jacob and his twin brother discover their single mother’s secret job in the worst possible way – seeing her death portrayed on the evening news. Turns out their mother was a Super Villain. After 10 years bouncing through the foster system, they receive a note and map. The map leads to a top secret Super Villain school. This title is simply amazing. I love the concept and how they setup the initial dynamic between the two brothers and their future classmates.

Nova #7 (Marvel)

The Annihilation: Conquest prelude continues to build as Richard begins to fight the effects of the transmode virus. I will not go into too much of the lot here – but we do get to see Drax the Destroyer again.

Green Lantern #24 (DC)

The Sinestro War marches on towards its conclusion. Thanks to Countdown, we already know that Kyle is freed from Parralax – this is the issue that does it. The Sinestro Corps has brought the war to earth: You have Superboy Prime (or whatever he is legally called now), Hank Henshaw (the Cyborg Superman), Sinestro, and the entire Sinestro Corp, plus the Manhunters. We see the Justice League dealing with the Manhunters as the 3 human Green Lanterns work to free Kyle and stop Parralax. They free him with seconds to spare as the bulk of the Sinestro Corps reaches earth. And coming with them – the AntiMonitor. This storyline has been amazing. Exactly what I hoped for from countdown. Geoff Johns should be writing the entire DC universe…or maybe he should be EIC.

Booster Gold #3 (DC)

Another title written by Geoff Johns. We have more time travel fun. This time Booster travels back in time to make sure that Superman does not die in the current timeline. He heads into the Old West to talk to Jonah Hex. How is that – when Jonah Hex will kill you as soon as look at you if you disturb him? Buy him drinks and match him shot for shot. Hilarious issue. I love the Quantum Leap aspect of the show – Booster has to travel thru time fixing issues, never able to let people know that he is the one doing it.

Friday the 13th: How I Spent My Summer #2 of 2 (Wildstorm/DC)

This issue concludes the tale of Davie Falkner’s ordeal in the woods with Jason. I wish the Friday the 13th ongoing series had not been shut down with the Texas Chainsaw and Nightmare on Elm Street series. It was going along great. This miniseries keeps up that tradition with a story that starts out horror and turns into a buddy movie before jumping back to horror.