52 Week 36 – Weekly Comic Pick

Let me preface this week with the following: I still have not received Justice Society of America #2 or Invincible #37.

52 Week 36
This issue focuses heavily on the Space Team. We finally see the Lobo we all know and loathe surface. We see that Charlie did not in fact die on New Years, but he is in very very bad shape. Renee decides that she will get him to Nanda Parbat. We see the fallout from Waller’s Suicide Squad attack on the Black Marvel Family. Sobek helps Osiris deal with the loss of the Teen Titans’ trust. I just can’t help the feeling that Sobek is going to be instrumental in screwing over the Black Marvel family at some point. We finally see Rip Hunter!! And who has been secretly helping him. And where he has been hiding. All this and someone dies.

Friday the 13th #2
Thiswas almost my top pick this week. So close to it. This issue felt like part of a Friday movie. One of the early ones. I highly recommend you pick this series up if you are in the slightest way a fan of Jason. Palmiotti and Gray and adding to the mythos in interesting ways. Making the area around Crystal Lake having odd deaths even before the time of Jason and his mother. This is not a book for children. I must say, the deaths in the issue did have me upset from the artwork…ok more from the method of death. This title from Wildstorm is so much better than the Nightmare on Elm Street or Texas Chainsaw Massacre series…pick it up.

Thunderbolts #110
Fabian, what have they done to your series?!? Speedball..excuse me…Penance, Songbird, Radioactive Man, Swordsman, Bullseye, Venom 2.0 aka Scorpion, Moonstone with the Green Goblin in the background. They are all treated like criminals – even Penance (a volunteer), Songbird and Swordsman. Their target – Jack Flag. Don’t know him? Don’t feel bad, he was part of some of the worst writing of the Captain America title. I picked this issue up to see what all the fuss was about. Thankfully I will be able to save some money next month as I leave this title behind.

Outsiders #44
I would love for Geoff Johns to write this title. We get a glimpse into what happened to turn the outsiders around one year ago this issue. Jason Todd appears. (Still pissed he is back from the dead) Basically setting up why Roy left, new people are in, etc.

Batman #662
Thank heaven this horrible story is over. Hopefully Morrison can do something amazing in his next arc with the Joker. Not holding my breath, tho. I’m beginning to think I should have went with Detective Comics as my Batman title. I hear nothing but praise for Dini’s work. That plus the title is being written in done in one issues…