Top 5 – Ongoing Horror Comics

Hack/Slash (Devils Due Publishing – Tim Seeley)

Cassie Hack and her large hulking friend Vlad hunt Slashers – think Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers.  This series is awesome.  It started as a bunch of mini-series and one shots (get the trades!) and is now an ongoing series.  And as you will see mentioned on the cover of every issue  Soon to be a Major Motion Picture.  God I hope they don’t screw it up.  I hope it’s more in vein with Batman Begins than the Fantastic Four movie or heaven forbid the Hulk.

The Walking Dead (Image – Robert Kirkman)

What happens when the Zombie hordes rise?  We go on living as best we can.  In this title we follow Rick and a group of survivors as they journey on to find  safe place to live.  A safe place where the zombies can’t get them.  The zombies are not the main focus in this book.  The people are.  It delves into just what something like this happening will do to them.  It messes with all of them to one degree or another and Kirkman does not shy away from the gruesome or grotesque.  Whether it is a zombie feeding or a person gone off the deep end doing insane crap.  7 Trades of this are out now.  I highly recommend picking them up at Amazon (check out my store link :)) or

Thirteen Steps (Desperado)

Justin has a problem.  He is a werewolf and he hunts.  Hunts for the whatever prey he can find.  Usually people unless he can lock himself up or get to a remote wooded area in time.  Knowing of the guilt he carries around, his ex-girlfriend – a succubus – gives him a place and time to go.  Turns out the monsters have a support group for those among them having trouble dealing with their lot in life…er…undeath…etc.  I love the quirky characters in this title.

Necessary Evil (Desperado)

Jacob and his twin brother discover their single mother’s secret job in the worst possible way – seeing her death portrayed on the evening news. Turns out their mother was a Super Villain. After 10 years bouncing through the foster system, they receive a note and map. The map leads to a top secret Super Villain school. This title is simply amazing. I love the concept and how they setup the initial dynamic between the two brothers and their future classmates.

The Astounding Wolf-Man (Image – Robert Kirkman)

Mixing the horror genre and superhero genre, Kirkman gives us a werewolf super hero with a vampire as his mentor! :)  There is nothing scarier than a spandex wearing 7 foot tall werewolf bearing down on you.  This title appears to be set in the Invincible universe – the Tailor fashions his costume for him.  The title is Bi-Monthly, but well worth the wait.

Honorable Mention: 

Steve Niles’ Strange Cases (Image)

It was a toss up between this title and the Astounding Wolf-Man.  A group of paranormal hunters are gathered in a large mansion and offered a job – clean up Chapel city.  A nice monster hunt through the mansion ensues when it turns out one of the paranormal hunters is really a demonic assassin targeting their host.  In the end they agree to stay and free Chapel city of the things that go bump in the night.