Heroes Season 2 – Episode 1


It was ok. But it did not draw me in like last year’s episode one did. I will still give it a few episodes to go, but so far I am not feeling it.

This ep might be better in a second viewing. I’ll check it out when it replays on SciFi. Maybe I’ll spot more a second go round.

I won’t go into spoilers, but they do touch on most of the chars from season 1 and introduce some new ones. The story does start out 4 months after the Season 1 finale. There are a lot of changes to people’s lives that are not explained…pretty much telegraphing a episode to come this season like last season’s six month’s ago.

If you haven’t been reading the graphic novels, check them out at NBC.com/Heroes. You will find out more about the new characters, the Haitian, Hannah, Claude, etc.

Chuck, on the other hand, was pure fun. I do recommend checking this out.