Ultimate Spider-Man #115 – Weekly Comic Pick

Ultimate Spider-Man #115

Bendis’ latest Goblin arc marches along with Peter in Shield custody. Kitty sees this and goes into action to free him. This leads to the revelation that Carol Danvers was holding Peter as bait for Norman Osborn. As the issue marches on, Norman is going after his former lawyers and associates looking for his fortune they have embezzled from him. Shield drafts Peter and Kitty – property damage ensues.

I’m still not used to the art change. I am really missing Mark Bagley’s art on this book. Immomen’s Aunt May looks like she aged 20 years overnight.

Teen Titans #52

Sean McKeever’s introductory storyarc continnues this issue as the future Titans continue to try and manipulate their present-day counterparts. Blue Beetle shows up and frees the Justice League – who promptly leave. As Kid Devil, Rose and Red Devil return to the cave, Red Devil attacks Blue Beetle – but they are interrupted by the arrivel of the future Lex Luthor – in classic power armor – along with a Titans army. Among the army … Cyborg, Raven, Beast Man, etc.

Hack/Slash #5

I love this title. I love that it finally is an ongoing series. And it is going to be a Major Motion Picture – possibly with Megan Fox (from Transformers) in the role of Cassie Hack.

Issue 5 is starting a new storyarc. This issue is mainly setup. We have the return of Emily Cristy – the undead beauty queen. She is brought into a lab for study and we look into the private lives of Chris and Lisa and their burgeoning relationship. There is hardly any Cassie or Vlad in this issue. Just a small subplot about Cassie having to sell some of her possessions so they can afford a motel and not sleep in their van

…down by the river.

Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime

The Sinestro War just keeps kicking ass. This is so much better than Countdown. In this issue, we get the history of Superboy Prime…er…Superman-Prime. And we get to see the Titans attack in force – with the appearance of a certain one-armed man. The Titans are attacking because all the Kryptonians are busy dealing with the Cyborg Superman.

Blue Beetle #20

This is not a title I normally pickup, but this issue ties into the Sinestro War. The writing is actually pretty good. A lot of people are saying that this is a good title and with his inclusion into the Teen Titans, I just may start picking it up…maybe.

The Blue Beetle has a Beetle attached to his spine that is from the Reach. The Reach want to take over the Earth – but the beetle in the Blue Beetle is defective. He uses his powers to fight the Reach.

In this issue, the Reach have had a beetle inplanted into someone slowly worming into them for some time. During a nearby battle, one of the Sinestro Corps is slain by a Green Lantern. As the ring is about to head into space, it senses the beetle and heads to that person. Blue Beelte finds himself facing someone with his powers and a yellow power ring. The story goes along at a good clip and has a startling conclusion. This is a done-in-one with some callbacks to earlier issues – but this does not detract at all.