Powers #26 – Weekly Comic Pick

Powers 26Powers #26

We continue to see the fallout from the Powers virus running rampant through the populace.  Now Deena is a suspect.  Turns out Walker’s new partner is actually an Internal Affairs plant lloking for dirt on Deena and Walker.  This title is consistently my number one pick when it comes out.

This is not for kids.  And the price has recenty risen to $3.99 a copy.  But Bendis and Oeming are giving us extra pages of content to go along with the price increase.  As well as better cover stock.

The Boys #11

The Boys 11First let me state that this is absolutely not for children or teenagers!

This issue starts a new story arc with th Boys heading to Russia to find out about Supers having their heads spontaneously explode.   While there, they get a warning delivered to them in an … odd … way.  Definitely not a title to miss.  Anything more is liable to spoil it for you.

Birds of Prey 111Birds of Prey #111

Here we findone of the final issues before Sean McE.  taks over writing duties on  Birds of Pry.  This gives us a nice one-in-done story featuring Oracle versus the Calcultor – in a sea of geeks.  Both are at this computer expo posing as someone else looking for information on Oracle.  Babs is there to destoy it – the Calculator to uncover it and use the knowledge to take down Oracle.

This story has plenty of action and funny moments in it and serves to further the Oracle/Calculato feud.

Justice League of America #14

Justice League of America #14The Injustice League has the majority of the JLA captured.  The only free agents: SuperMan and Black Lightning get taunted by a hologram of Lex Luthor and an exploding glob of kryptonite paint to the face courtesy of the Joker.  The story focuses on Supes and Black Lightning finding the others…then proceeding to get captured just like all the others.

One awesome thing to see is the restraints they keep Batman in.  He is hung upside-downm in a straight-jacket wrapped in chains. 

Brave and the Bold #7Bave and the Bold #7

This title gets mentioned for the George Perez artwork alone.  I love how he designs characters.  Throughout his Teen Titans run, you could which character was which simply by looking at the distinctive faces he gave ach character.  Same with his runs on the Avengers.  It would not be an understatement for me to claim that George Perez is my favorite comic artist of all time.  But enough of the fanboy-gasm.

This issue is a done-in-one that is a nice change of pace from the intro 6-part storyline.  We get to see Wonder Woman team with Power Girl to solve a mystery detailing an assassination plot against Super-Man to the lost library of Alexandria.  I do think Waid went a little overboard in his characterization of Power Girl.  She seems really angry and rash – not at all like someone who leads the Justice Society of America.