Hellboy 2

This is another excellent movie that has come out during the summer of 2008. Guillermo del Toro has done it again. This is a movie worth seeing in the theaters.

Hellboy 2 starts with Dr.Bloom telling a young Hellboy the story of the Golden Army. In old times, Man was at war with the creatures of legend, such as elves. Man is winning the war through shear numbers, when the King has a Golden Army commissioned. This army never grows tired, nor has any conscience to get in the way. A crown allows the king to control the army. The army lays waste to the armies of Man. So much so, that the King feels regret over the slaughter. He signs a peace treaty with Man and splits the crown into 3 pieces: 2 to stay with the elves and 1 to go with Man. The King”s son goes into exile due to his disagreement with his father’s decision. This opening portion of the movie is shown in a style that reminds me of puppets. Very stylized. Like you would expect a fairytale told to a child to be shown.