Recommendation: Mulitplex webcomic

multiplex_book1_largeI am a big fan of the Multiplex Webcomic.

From the site:
Multiplex is an online comic about the movie-loving and customer-weary staff of your local movie theater. It is written and illustrated by Gordon McAlpin. It has been running continuously since July 2005, and serves roughly 50,000 unique visitors per month (or about half a million pageviews per month).

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I wanted to bring this up, because the artist on Multiplex, Gordon McAlpin, is about to wrap up a Kickstarter
for a third volume collected edition of strips. I have backed the first 2 volumes and this one as well. Gordon has always delivered on his Kickstarted projects. He has also been very communicative with his backers as well. Not something you see from everyone runnign a KickStarter lately.

I’m not much of a reviewer. But the interplay of characters brings me back week after week. It has been a treat to see the characters grow and change. The strip runs more or less in real time. You’ll see current movie posters in the background. You get your funny. You get some angst. You get some romance. You get some snark.

I’ll leave off with 3 words: Zombie Movie Arc

UPDATE:  The Kickstarter for Book 3 was a success!!!

Help get a Sequel for Behind the Mask Made

I wanted to remind everyone about the efforts to fund a sequel to Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon. The kickstarter campaign only has 4 days left to go. Every little bit helps. Also with Kickstarter, you do not pay anything unless the funding goal is met.

So pledge $10. Heck pledge $1.

I loved the take Behind the Mask took on slasher films. It is a nice original story in the sea of mediocre remakes. It is by far one of my favorite horror films made in recent years.