Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Went to see the new Transformers movie.

It’s ok, not great or anything.  But if you go into it with zero expectations then you probably will not be disappointed.

*Spoilers below*

This movie takes place 2 years after the first one with Sam about to enter college.  Now for some reason, he chose a college that does not allow freshman parking.  If I had a robot car, I think that would be something to look for.  We see that the military is working with the autobots take down decepticons.  And we are introduced to some new autobots: Sideswipe, ReeCee, and the twins (I forget their names)

As Sam is packing, a piece of the allspark falls out of his clothes (guess he really doesn’t like to do laundry) and he touches it.  Gaining some knowledge that the Fallen, keader of the decepticons, has been looking for for thousands of years.  At college, Sam is attacked by a human-looking decepticon and the chase ensues.

We get some more fight – leading to the death of Optimus Prime.  More running.  We meet the guy from Section 7 again.  Who is working in his parents deli.  With him, Sam and company go find Jetfire.  We learn the transformers had been on earth a long long time ago.  And that they are going to use a machine to convert our sun’s energy into energon.  Extinguishing it in the process. Jetfire transports everyone to Egypt so the machine can be destroyed before it is activated.  Sam finds the Matrix, a device that is needed to trigger the machine.  It may also restore Optimus Prime.  So they contact the military and get Optimus and the other autobots airlifted in.  Just in time to fight all the decepticons converging on their location.   The Fallen is among them.  Apparently only a Prime can defeat him and Optimus was the last of the Primes.

There is more robot-on-robot violence resulting in Sam getting hurt.  He sees a vision of robot heaven…I guess you would call it.  The past Primes tell Sam that it was always his destiny to get to that point.  He then revives Optimus Prime.  But as the Matrix is reviving him, The Fallen yanks the Matrix from his chest and goes to the energon machine to begin converting our sun.  Jetfire gives his life so Optimus can live and take on the fallen.  Optimus saves the day.

Ok.  I left some of the plot vague.  Notice how I never mentioned any of the new or old autobots in the description.  That is because ,except for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, they do not really do much.  The twins for instance (I am not going to get into how stereotyped they were with the gold tooth, inability to read, etc.) did zero for the story.  Nothing.  The other autobots shown were basically cannonfodder.  Other than having someone nice to look at for the majority of the movie, Megan Fox’s character really didn’t need to be there.  The autobot/decepticon fight in the desert was vague as well.  The designs on the various robots are so similar, you cannot really tell who is who.

I think an edited down version of say 90 minutes versus the 2 hours 40 minutes would probably make this a more enjoyable movie.