Don’t Breathe

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Starring: Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto

dontbreath2Don’t Breathe opens on 3 young adults, Rocky, Alex & Money burgling a residence in Detroit. It is shown that they are using keys and security codes from the home security company where Alex’s father works. Alex is constantly warning about how much to take to keep the crime from becoming a felony. They are given information on a potentially large score: a blind man who received a large settlement after his daughter was killed in an auto accident. We get a little character development on the 3 youths as to why they would risk going after a large score. Rocky and Money are going to go to California with Rocky’s daughter. Alex decides he will go with them. We see he is hopelessly pining after Rocky.

The 3 youths break in to the house and promptly realize they picked the wrong house to break in to. I forgot to mention the blind man served in the military until he was blinded. What follows is a long fight to escape the house with or without the cash.

TL;DR Fun movie to watch with a crowd. You will empathize with the blind man, then the burglars, then the blind man again, then the burglars…