The Mummy (2017)

This third iteration of the Mummy is better than I expected. We get a bit of an introduction to the ideas of Universal’s shared monster movie universe, Dark Universe. And we get a setup for Maverick and Jor-El to appear in many or all of the future Dark Universe movies

I do have to admit that my expectations for this movie were extremely low.

Nick and Vale stumble across the tomb of Ahmanet. Nick ends up freeing her and hijinks ensues. Ahmanet was imprisoned when she tried to bring the Egyptian death god, Set, into the mortal world. This movie equates Set with all that is evil: Lucifer, Satan, etc. Since Nick freed her, she needs to use him as the vessel for Set in the modern day.

The rest of the movie revolves around Nick and Jeckyl’s organization working for a resolution. Just at cross purposes.

Starring:Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Russell Crowe, Jake Johnson

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