Hack/Slash #6 – Weekly Comic Pick

Hack/Slash #6 (Devil’s Due)

The Return of Father Wrath!

Cassie and Vlad enter Haverhill in search of Father Wrath – and we see an art style change. The rest of the issue is presented in an Archie style. The story starts with 3 friends talking about a school dance being held that night. Taber, the Archie of this issue, has asked two girls to the dance and is freaking out. One of his friends begins to plot how he could benefit from this. He is approached by someone with a solution. Taber is convinced to wear a Father Wrath costume – and someone else will be at the dance in the same outfit – that way he can spend time with both girls without arousing suspicion. Taber’s friend spikes the punch and makes a move on Taber’s girl after she has had a lot of punch. Cassie and Vlad enter and Cassie tackles Taber thinking he is the real Father Wrath. Meanwhile, Father Wrath has followed Taber’s friend and his date to the locker room waiting for them to sin…so he can bash their heads in with a giant cross. Taber’s friend gets it, but Vlad is able to save the girl just in time. Turns out this is not the original Father Wrath, but his nephew.

If you were ever remotely a fan of Slasher movies – this title is for you! There are 3 trades out now – get them or check to see if your local library has them. (more…)

Angel – After the Fall #1 – Weekly Comic Pick

Angel – After the Fall #1 (IDW)

Here we have the story of Angel picking up after the end of season 5. LA has literally been taken to Hell. Angel has convinced the dragon last seen in the final frames from the last episode of the show to be his ally. They are working to round up normal humans and take them to a safe haven. Who runs that safe haven – his son, Connor.

Angel returns to the Wolfram and Hart building and has a dustup with a demon lord. Wesley comes to break it up. Yep Wesley. Just as Lyla was tied to Wolfram and Hart after death, so to is Wesley’s spirit. We have more setup on the current status quo as we see Gunn and his gang taking out demons and freeing their slaves. After clearing out the demons, they promptly turn on the grateful humans and feed on them. Turns out, they are vampires – even Gunn. (more…)

Necessary Evil #2 – Weekly Comic Pick

Necessary Evil #2 (Desperao Publishing)

The premise: There exists a special hidden school of supervillainy. Jacob and Miller, twin sons of the Matriarch, have just joined the school. Miller is totally intoit, but Jacob is not sure he wants to be a supervillain.

This is an amazing title and in two issues has climbed into my top 10 ongoing series.

Issue 2 opens with the first day of school with classes like History of Supervillainy, Avoiding Forensic Experts and Mystic Weapons. In the last class of the day, Anti gives them an assignment entitled The Death of Innocence. Jacob, Miller and a few others work together to solve the riddle. Jacob discovers the way through a mystic portal to a forest glen. On a pedestal, sits a baby and a knife. As a girl picks up the knife, we cut to a base in the sky and a gathering of heroes. Dr. Daylight has confirmed the existence of the school and put his sidekick, Sunrise, undercover. (more…)