Heroes Season Finale

Wow…totally not what I expected. I’ll try to keep spoilers down. If you missed this, be sure to catch it Friday on Sci-Fi at 7pm est. All the threads do come together. Will Sylar destroy the city? Will Nathan be the villain? Does Ando die?

I ain’t sayin.

This show ended in a manner setting up next season. Part of me kind of was hoping for a different ending…but c’est la vie.

Spider-Man 3

Overall, I give Spidey3 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

I managed to skip all the trailers and media coverage of the movie beforehand. I will admit, I was worried it was going the route of Batman with the multiple villains.

This was a good movie. It could have been a GREAT movie. I think it would have been better to focus on one of the three : Goblin Jr, Venom, or Sandman then cram all three in there.

I loved the venom storyline. Peter’s descent and eventual redemption. But this should have taken the whole movie. We should have seen Peter find the symbiote in the first 20 minutes and have him face random superpowered thugs as he begins to lose it. Then have him lose the suit and have Venom be created…around the midpoint. Then focus on Venom stalking Peter and Friends for the remainder with the climax. I loved the look of Venom and the actor playing Eddie Brock seemed a perfect fit for the role.

Alternately, they could have had an awesome Goblin story the way they started out with Harry being friendly towards Peter and have him fund lesser criminals before coming after Peter as the new and improved Goblin.

The Sandman story…meh…the retcon they used to add more of a connection to Peter did not sit too well with me. Thomas Haden Church played the part very well though. The effects were amazing. But I am not sure this storyline could be stretched to a full movie. The other two definitely.

Seeing the movie version of Gwen Stacy and Captain Stacy was interesting – but really did not need to be there. I am hoping they are setting up future storylines to be followed. I know Sony wants to do Spidey 4,5, and 6 whether Raimi and Tobey return or not.

Like I said before, This is a good movie! Don’t let my fanboy rant cover that up. I guess the Schumaker-era Batman movies really really burned me.

Windows Movie Maker

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Editing video on your PC is simple. In our last How-To, “How-To: Create Video Using Your Digital Camera“, we started by taking video clips and saving them to our computer.

Sample Movie

Years ago, video editing was costly — if for no other reason than the software (Adobe Premier is still almost $900.). Obviously, our “free” alternatives may not do all that a professional video editing package will do, but I can’t think of any features missing from Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker, which is already included with Windows XP and Windows ME. (Sorry, Mac users! If pressed, perhaps we’ll review some web-based video editing solutions such as those offered by StashSpace, VideoEgg, Veotag and the like in future posts.)

52 Week 36 – Weekly Comic Pick

Let me preface this week with the following: I still have not received Justice Society of America #2 or Invincible #37.

52 Week 36
This issue focuses heavily on the Space Team. We finally see the Lobo we all know and loathe surface. We see that Charlie did not in fact die on New Years, but he is in very very bad shape. Renee decides that she will get him to Nanda Parbat. We see the fallout from Waller’s Suicide Squad attack on the Black Marvel Family. Sobek helps Osiris deal with the loss of the Teen Titans’ trust. I just can’t help the feeling that Sobek is going to be instrumental in screwing over the Black Marvel family at some point. We finally see Rip Hunter!! And who has been secretly helping him. And where he has been hiding. All this and someone dies.