Never Cry Werewolf

I saw this movie on the Sci-Fi network on 5-11-08.   Like all Sci-Fi movies it did not have good special effects at all.  But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

The movie begins with a werewolf killing a registered sex offender in a small town.   Good, right?  A man moves into an old house beside a family consisting of a mother, her 16 year-old daughter and younger son.  The son befriends the newcomer in town and helps him work on his house.  The girl, Lorne or Lorna, seems creeped out a little.  She finds he has hairy palms.  insert joke here.  And makes a joke to her friend about him being a werewolf.   That night, through her brother, Kyle’s telescope she seesthe neighbor, Jarod, bring home a prostitute and kill her.  Seem familiar?  It gets better.  She takes the police over there and brings up that she knows he is a werewolf to the police.  Of course, they do not belive her and she has tipped her hand to the werewolf.  The werewolf however, has a pocket watch with an old picture of his long dead bride in it.  And she looks just like Lorna.  Jarod becomes obsessed with Lorna and wants to turn her into his mate.  Lorna and one of Kyle’s older friends go to a gun store where Redd Taylor, a down on his luck TV game hunter, is signing autographs.  While there, the werewolf and his demon dog attack the guy with Lorna.  yada yada yada.  We get to the showdown where the relunctant Redd Taylor helps Lorna take out the werewolf before midnight.  Ensuring that she and Kyle’s friend do not become a werewolf.

What we have here is a lame Fright Night ripoff.  Kevin  Sorbo plays Redd Taylor, the TV game hunter.  Basically a ripoff of the Peter Vincent played by the masterful McDowell.  the Lorna character is a melding of the Charlie and Amy characters.  Kyle’s friend is basically Evil Ed.

Now since I am a sucker for even the worst werewolf movie, I will probably rent the DVD to see if there were any scenes cut for broadcast.

Overall, I give this a 4 out of 10.

I hope this was an homage to Fright Night.  And I hope the DVD release will make it better.  Maybe after I have lived with it for a bit, I’ll like it better.