SWTOR: Dulfy gives everyone a breakdown of what to expect in patch 1.2

Dulfy went above and beyond to sift through the information from Bioware’s Guild Summit to give information on patch 1.2.

The patch is expected in early April, 2012.

“Hey everyone, I recently had the pleasure of attending the Guild Summit via livestreaming, where a host of panels were held discussing the upcoming patch 1.2 (scheduled to be released sometime in early April) and other new features/changes that are coming to SWTOR. There were quite a bit of information – the transcript of which I have captured here if you want to view all the details. In case you don’t feel like reading through pages of my notes, I have created a guide here summarizing all the important features you can expect for patch 1.2 and beyond!” -Dulfy

I, myself, cannot wait for the Legacy system updates.  The warzone changes will be nice as well.  I hope the changes will help with people quitting as soon as the other team scores a point in Huttball or captures 2 turrets in Civil War.

EDIT: Link removed due to malware content recently noticed (possibly in ads on the site) 20141215