Chopping Mall

I just saw Chopping Mall for the first time. It truly lives up to 80’s horror movies. Chopping Mall was recently released on blu-ray by Vestron.

I have no idea why I skipped over this movie as a kid. It is right up my alley. While not typically counted as a slasher, this movie has many of the tropes of a slasher: stalking kills, awesome final girl, nudity/sin factor before the killer strikes…

The mall is about to get 3 new security robots that are supposed to capture intruders. According to the company rep, they will not kill or harm intruders. While the presentation about the robots are going on, we have some teenagers planning a party in a furniture store in the mall. One thing, as part of the upgrade in security, the mall will be outfitted with steel doors that are time-locked like a bank vault.

While the teenagers are having their party, the building is struck by lightning. This affects the computer controlling the robots and the robots themselves. We do not get a friendly robot like Johnny Five from Short Circuit. Nope. We get lethal robots intent on removing intruders with deadly force. They first take care of their technicians before taking out Dick Miller.

as you would expect, the partying teenagers are next on their hit list.

The new blu-ray release has many special features – including multiple commentaries and featurettes. I highly recommend picking it up.

Vía Letterboxd – AngryTownsman