This movie has good action points.  But a very very unbelievable story.   3 words: Loom of Fate.

This is an adaptation of Mark Millar’s and J.G. Jones mini-series in name only.  I watched the movie before reading the mini-series.  See the Fraternity, in the movie, is a league of assassins with super-human reflexes and reaction times.  The can curve a bullets path and other stuff.  But the part of the movie that really really took me out was that this league of assassins gets their kill orders from a giant loom.  yes a Loom.  See they look at this giant tapestry that is getting weaved from the loom looking for discrepancies.  That Morgan Freeman then converts into binary code to form a name.  Now I let this ride in the theater thinkin, ok this must be part of the original story.  Nope.

The action in this movie is good.  It is a rental.  Not a buy and not one to spend money on in the theater.

But, the original comic series would not have worked either.  It was a world where the super-villains had all teamed up about 20 years ago and wiped out the heroes.  And made everyone forget about it.  The main character is a punk kid who finds out he is the son of the Killer, a member of the Fraternity -a group of supervillains who have carved up the world into territories.  The kid does terrible, irredeemable things.  Murder, Rape, etc.  The story gives you no one to root for and has a terrible resolution.  In that regard deviating from the story and giving the main character traits that make him redeemable was a good idea.  But the movie is so radically different that it should have been called something else.

I give this movie a 4.5 out of 10.