Pets of the Week March 16, 2015

Ozzie oozes optimism, and positive energy! This 11-month-old pup knows how to play, and can brighten your spirits in a flash. Ozzie is a medium-sized Australian Cattle Dog mix who retains much of the breed’s spunky drive and high intelligence. His bouncy personality may not mesh well with all pets, so he’s looking for a family who is puppy savvy and ready for an energetic new playmate. Ozzie has an “easy keeper” black coat with patches of white ticking. He would do best in a home that has an outdoor space for exercise and a family who can keep him active and engaged. This friendly pup has yet to figure out what the word “stranger” means, since he’s too busy making friends with everyone he sees. Ozzie loves to learn and is ready to add that missing spark to his new family’s life today!

Tiny stays perched off the floor of his kennel, curled up so tightly that he completely hides his handsome head. But through all the stress and uncertainty that this kind kitty has faced, Tiny has never once mustered the slightest hiss or raised his paw in fear. Tiny is only 2 years old and has the gentlest soul you will ever find. Ironically, he is a large, handsome cat who keeps his short, white and brown spotted coat well-groomed. His kennel stays so clean that you may not even notice a cat is residing inside. Tiny does prefer an extra litter pan available, but who doesn’t like to keep their bathrooms clean? Tiny had his front claws removed as a kitten so he will need to live indoors only; but worry not, for he has the best house manners around. Tiny is a remarkably loving and forgiving feline, who is longing to find a family who will love him just as unconditionally as he does, and give him time to settle into his new surroundings. Tiny deserves for his dreams to come true, and a forever family is all this wonderful cat desires.

Adoption fees waived for the pets of the week through Saturday!

The Greenwood Humane Society is a not-for-profit organization committed to the compassionate care and protection of animals.

Their purpose is to give sanctuary to abandoned, abused, and neglected animals, provide education to the public on responsible and humane pet ownership, encourage the public to spay and neuter their pets by providing low cost surgery, and encourage adoptions of those animals placed in their care.

Their adoption center is open Monday through Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm est.

Visit their website at to see these and other available pets.

864-942-8775 (Shelter Adoption Area)
864-223-2498 (Spay/Neuter Clinic)