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Starring: Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Robert Kazinsky, Clancy Brown

Orcs travel from their dying world to Azaroth. They are using a mystical power source called the Fell that feeds on living things. They need to gather many humans, demi-humans, etc on the Azaroth side to bring over the rest of their population.

The Human kingdon at Stormwind is opposing the Orcs and receive no support from the other races of Azaroth. The Humans seek the aid of their Guardian (think Gandolf) of Azaroth. The Humans end up capturing a Half-Orc for information on their new enemy.

The Humans wage an attack with their remaining forces to stop the Orcs from opening a gate to their homeworld and prevent the rest of the Orcs from coming through.

TL;DR Meh. All over the place plot. Pure setup for a franchise without good storytelling. Save your money and wait for it to hit Netflix or SyFy.

Let me first state that I have not played any of Blizzard’s Warcraft games. I went into this movie with zero Lore knowledge of this universe. I do not think this helped me at all.

The movie jumps around all over the place. You do not get one singular character to follow and be your eyes into this world. There are names and places mentioned that I assume mean something to someone who has played World of Warcraft, but did nothing for me.

This movie could have had firm ending point that still would have left room for a continuation. But everyone is so concerned with setting a trilogy or set of films, they could not leave well enough alone. This movie painfully sets up a sequel that I am not sure it is going to get.

I’m afraid this movie does nothing to dispell the notion that movies from game properties are no good.