The Disappointments Room

A family moves from the city out to the countryside into a big abandoned home. Weird stuff starts happening. There’s a locked room, disturbing dream sequences, then a ghostly violence filled climax.


My thoughts are meh. You can kind of telegraph where things are going. The only new-ish part is the definition of the Disappointments room – a room where wealthy families kept their deformed children out of the public eye.

Our main character is the epitome of unreliable narrators. We learn through flashbacks during the film that she accidentally smothered her infant daughter and had a mental break. Her husband taked her and their young son out to the country.

Weirdness ensues. The mother starts seeing things – like past events and people who are not there. This escalates until she tries to kill the Judge ghost who she thinks is after her son.

The husband comes in before she can accidentally kill their son in her murder-hammer rage attack.

They all leave the home to go back to the city. She sees the Judge in a window as they leave.

No one else ever sees the ghosts. We learn that she had breaks with reality before and has stopped taking her medicine because it makes her fuzzy.

But…she saw past events, that must mean it really happened, right? Not necessarily. She had done a ton of research on the house before they purchased it. Information that information on the Judge.

The Disappointments Room left me feeling … well … disappointed.

Vía Letterboxd – AngryTownsman