Mechanic: Resurrection

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Starring: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Yeoh, Sam Hazeldine

The Mechanic, Arthur Bishop, gets tracked down in Brazil by the henchmen of a former acquaintance, the arms dealer Crain. He gets away and heads to Thailand and runs into Gina. He builds a relathionship with her, but Crain kidnaps her to force him into killing the 3 other top arms dealers in the world. From there we follow Bishop as he works through the targets as he attempts to rescue Gina.

TL;DR Fun Action Romp. The Mechanic is a bit of a Gary Stu character, but stuff blowed up real good

This was a fun action movie to watch. You have no doubt that Bishop is going to come out on top. There was the fear that Gina was truly in on it from the beginning and playing Bishop or that Crain would kill her in the last third of the movie, but all’s well that ends well. We get the fake-out Bishop death in this one also, but a little heartwarming scene at the end where he reunites with Gina.